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    Posted on April 14th, 2014

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    April 19 – This Week’s Show

    First up is Jeffery Weiss with his new book “Charcuteria – The Soul of Spain.”

    Charcutería: The Soul of Spain is the first book to introduce authentic Spanish butchering and meat-curing techniques to the American market. Included are more than 100 traditional Spanish recipes, straightforward illustrations providing easy-to-follow steps for amateur and professional butchers, and gorgeous full-color photography of savory dishes, Iberian countrysides, and centuries-old Spanish cityscapes.

    Author Jeffrey Weiss has written an entertaining, extravagantly detailed guide on Spain’s unique cuisine and its history of charcutería, which is deservedly becoming more celebrated on the global stage. While Spain stands cheek-to-jowl with other great cured-meat-producing nations like Italy and France, the charcuterie traditions of Spain are perhaps the least understood of this trifecta. Americans have most likely never tasted the sheer eye-rolling deliciousness that is cured Spanish meats: chorizo, the garlic-and-pimentón-spiked ambassador of Spanish cuisine; morcilla, the family of blood sausages flavoring regional cuisine from Barcelona to Badajoz; and jamón, the acorn-scented, modern-day crown jewel of Spain’s charcutería legacy.

    Chef Jeff Weiss

    Charcutería: The Soul of Spain is a collection of delicious recipes, uproarious anecdotes, and time-honored Spanish culinary traditions. The author has amassed years of experience working with the cured meat traditions of Spain, and this book will surely become a standard guide for both professional and home cooks.  Order a copy NOW!


    Then Emily Thengvall, Junior League of Wichita president stops by to talk about a great event!

    Junior League of Wichita, Inc. (JLW) will host its second-annual Kitchen Tours: A Pinch of Hope & A Dash of Design on Sunday, May 4th, from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. at featured homes in Wichita. The upscale event will feature designer kitchens and entertaining spaces.  Proceeds from Kitchen Tours will be used to fund Junior League’s mission of building a better community. Currently, Junior League of Wichita’s focus is on the awareness, intervention, and prevention of child abuse. “Junior League of Wichita is grateful for the community’s support of our inaugural Kitchen Tours event last year,” said Emily Thengvall, Junior League of Wichita president. “Attendees tour amazing kitchens and homes and support the Junior League’s work in the community.”

    2014 Kitchen Tours will take place 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 4 Tickets are $40 and must be purchased in advance.


    Last but not least, Wente Family Vineyards 5th generation winemaker Karl Wente joins us to talk about the Midwest Winefest Wine dinner featuring the family wines.  We’ll also be talking about one of the wines at the dinner as well as the Winefest Grandtasting; the 2012 Wente Riva Ranch Chardonnay.  Learn more here!

    Good Life Guy’s Wine of the Week:
    2012 Wemte Riva Ranch Chardonnay
    This medium-bodied Chardonnay has a rich, golden color and aromas and flavors of tropical fruit, honey, cinnamon and light floral notes, balanced by subtle oak, butter and vanilla from barrel aging. It has a round mouthfeel and a long, fruity finish.
    Get the details on this great wine here! 

  • April 12 – LIVE from Pebble Beach Food & Wine

    This Saturday I will be broadcasting LIVE from the Pebble Beach Food & Wine event!

    Pebble Beach Food & Wine is the premier epicurean lifestyle event on the West Coast, matching 250 acclaimed wineries and 75 celebrity chefs to create a hedonistic four-day destination on one of the most picturesque strips of coastline in the world. Throughout the weekend you’ll enjoy intimate access to the pinnacle of culinary and wine talent at wine tastings, cooking demos, and some of the most exclusive, unique dining opportunities available in the world.

    Learn more and come join in the FUN  www.pbfw.com


    Good Life Guy’s Wine of the Week:
    Something cool from the event!

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    April 5 – Pizza at Home & Grgich Hills wines

    Looking forward to finally getting Ruth Gresser on the show to talk about her latest effort; “Kitchen Workshop – Pizza, Hands-on Cooking Lessons from Making Amazing Pizza at Home.”

    With help from Kitchen Workshop—Pizza you’ll be a pizza expert in no time! This easy-to-navigate book is a complete curriculum for making your own pizza using a regular home oven. Level 1 begins with the basics, including seven variations on the tomato-cheese pizza and recipes for doughs, including a gluten-free pizza dough. Level 2 moves to the classics and showcases all of the hits, including Pizza Margherita, Pizza Quatro Formaggi—and even a Calzone. Level 3 is filled with original pizza recipes from Ruth’s award winning Washington, D.C. restaurants. In levels 4, 5, 6 & 7, you’ll learn how to take your pizza to the next level with lessons on sauces, protein toppings, vegetable toppings, fruit toppings, and more,

    From dough to delicious, Kitchen Workshop—Pizza is sure to inspire both novice and expert home chefs in the timeless tradition of pizza making.

    Ruth Gresser

    Ruth Gresser is the owner of Pizzeria Paradiso and Birreria Paradiso in Washington DC. She has appeared in The Washington Post Magazine and The Washington Business Journal, and she has done demonstrations for The Smithsonian Institute. Gresser is a member of Les Dames d’Escoffier and the Board of Directors for Women Chefs and Restaurateurs.    www.eatyourpizza.com

    Then Jacqueline Milburn, Western Divisional Manager for Grgich Hills joins us to talk about her visit to Wichita for the Midwest Winefest, the winery, and this week’s wine of the week.

    Good Life Guys Wine of the Week:
    2010 Grgich Hills Estate Chardonnay, Napa Valley

    Following the classic style that Miljenko “Mike” Grgich established when we began in 1977, we did not allow the Chardonnay to undergo malolactic fermentation, crafting a wine that is alive with delicious acidity. The wine’s crisp, yet rich, flavors of tropical fruit, white peaches and hint of mineral are perfect for fresh seafood, roasted chicken, grilled pork, or creamy cheeses.

    Time in oak……Fermented and aged 10 months
    French oak: 60% neutral barrels, 40% new barrels
    Production……..25,853 cases (12/750 ml.)
    Blend …………….100% Chardonnay

     Pick up a bottle at Jacob Liquor Exchange and join us!

  • Mar 29 – The Irish Table and more!

    A great show this week with a cool new Irish cookbook, a wine event not to be missed and some great wine from Boomtown to finish up Washington Wine Week.

    My first guest this week is Chef Cathal Armstrong of Restaurant Eve in Washington D.C. and author of “My Irish Table.”

    The debut cookbook from Cathal Armstrong featuring 130 recipes showcasing modern Irish fare, along with stories about Armstrong’s journey from Dublin to Washington, DC, and becoming an internationally recognized four-star chef, the owner of seven successful food and drink establishments, and a leader in the sustainable-food movement.


    With its moderate climate and amazing natural resources, Ireland is a modern-day Eden, boasting lush, bountiful produce, world-renowned dairy, plentiful seafood, and grass-fed meats. In My Irish Table, sustainable food movement leader and four-star chef Cathal Armstrong celebrates the food of his homeland and chronicles his culinary journey from Dublin to Washington DC, where he runs seven beloved and critically lauded restaurants.

    Featuring 130 delicious recipes—from Kerrygold Butter-Poached Lobster with Parsnips to Irish Stew, Shepherd’s Pie, and Mam’s Apple Pie—My Irish Table draws on Armstrong’s Irish upbringing as well as his professional experience and French culinary training. In his hands, Irish food is comforting yet elegant, rustic yet skillful, and My Irish Table invites you into his kitchen to explore the vibrant traditions and rich culinary landscape of the Emerald Isle.  Get a copy NOW!

    Chef Cathal Armstrong

    Cathal has that rare combination of deep civic mindedness, compassion, and culinary talent. This book is full of wonderful recipes to explore, from a Saint Patrick’s Day roast leg of lamb with herb pesto to simple, classic brown bread. In the fine spirit of Darina Allen, Cathal is preserving Irish foodways, celebrating their rich traditions, and breathing new life into them.” —Alice Waters, proprietor of Chez Panisse and author of The Art of Simple Food

    Learn more about Chef Cathal here…

    There’s still time to make reservations for the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Event April 10 – 13, 2014

    Joining me to tell you all about it is James Verlarde, Vice President of Brand Relations for this amazing event.  The Good Life will be broadcasting LIVE from the event on Saturday April 12th.  Learn more and come join in the FUN  www.pbfw.com

    Pebble Beach Food & Wine is the premier epicurean lifestyle event on the West Coast, matching 250 acclaimed wineries and 75 celebrity chefs to create a hedonistic four-day destination on one of the most picturesque strips of coastline in the world. Throughout the weekend you’ll enjoy intimate access to the pinnacle of culinary and wine talent at wine tastings, cooking demos, and some of the most exclusive, unique dining opportunities available in the world.


    We’ll finish up chatting to Corey Braunel Co-Owner & Winemaker of Dusted Valley & Boomtown wineries in the Columbia Valley.  I’ll have two of the Boomtown wines in-studio with me to taste and talk about.  Both of these wines will be available at Jacob Liquor Exchange on North Rock Road here in the flat lands for FREE tasting Saturday afternoon between 2:00-6:00 p.m. CDT.  Click here to learn more about Boomtown!


    Good Life Guy’s Wine of the Week:
    Two great wines from Washington producer Boom Town…

    2012 Boomtown Dusted Valley Chardonnay
    100% Chardonnay. this beautifully crisp, clean Chard was fermented in a stainless tank to preserve the bright fruit characters.  Smooth, easy drinking with great Chard character at a great price.

    2011 Boomtown Merlot
    78% Merlot, 13% Syrah, 5% Malbec, 2% Petite Verdot, 2% Cabernet Sauvignon sourced from some of the finest vineyards in the Columbia Valley.  The wine was aged in 35% new oak; 85% French, 15% American.  Another example of great Merlot from Washington, the palate is filled with cherries and dusty malted-chocolate.  Mouth coasting tannins make it a great wine for big flavorful foods.

    September 30, 2013 –  Wine & Spirits’ panels and critics tasted 12,500 wines to select the 100 Wineries of the Year. They highlighted these producers as the top performers in their respective regions, from legendary names in Napa Valley and Burgundy to newcomers in New Zealand and Spain. Dusted Valley is thrilled to have made the list for 2013 among some truly amazing producers.

    You can taste both these wines and more, Saturday Afternoon between 2-6:00 p.m.
    at Jacob Liquor Exchange on North Rock Road where it’s still Washington Wine Month!

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    Mar 22 – Vintage Beer & Jed Steele’s Shooting Star Wines

    A may be a WINO, but I love Beer!
    Joining me this week is Patrick Dawson with his new book “Vintage Beer – A Tasters Guide to Brews that Improve Over Time.”

    Like good wine, certain beers can be aged under the right conditions, a process that enhances and changes their flavors in interesting and delicious ways. Good candidates for aging are high-alcohol brews, bottle-conditioned beers with yeast in the bottle, barleywines, lambics, and winter ales. Patrick Dawson explains how to identify a cellar-worthy beer, how to plan and set up a beer cellar, what to look for when tasting vintage beers, and the fascinating science behind the aging process. He also includes a comprehensive buying guide to help you select already-aged beers (from the readily available to the tantalizingly rare) to enjoy as your own collection is aging.

    Patrick Dawson

    Patrick Dawson is certified as a judge through the Beer Judge Certification Program. He travels the United States and Europe collecting beers worthy of aging. His personal cellar, in Colorado, is an evolving collection of hundreds of vintage treasures. Visit his webiste: www.pdawson.com


    In the second half I’ll be talking to Dave Lobo from Verizon about there new Application for your cell phone Visual 411.  If you travel it’s a must, but it’s also handy for finding local businesses and more that offer savings coupons.

    Learn more here!

    Then Washington Wine Month continues with a couple of great wine of the week bottles.

    Joining me to talk about these two wines is Steele Wines & Shooting Star Proprietor and world-renowned winemaker Jed Steele.  With 45 years experience in the California wine business, not many can share in the success and impact that Mr. Steele has had.  It was in the mid-eighties after returning from 7 years in Europe, when on a sailboat, watching the sunset I had my first taste of Kendall-Jackson’s Grand Reserve Chardonnay…a bench mark of quality and taste that I still hold in high regard today.


    Good Life Guy’s Wine of The Week:
    2012 Shooting Star Aligot 
    Our aligoté is barrel fermented, but we use older oak barrels rather than the 30% new oak that we typically use for chardonnay. The wine is crisp and clean, a wine with a nice balance of fruit and acidity. Flinty, mineral elements mix with a light floral hint on the nose, followed with the suggestion of tart/sweet apple on the palette, making it a wonderful, versatile food wine.


    2011 Shooting Star Blue Franc
    The wine is clean, crisp, and unpretentious with tons of fruit, including warm berry pie, complementing the traces of pepper, almond, cherry and cinnamon. Our Shooting Star Blue Franc has soft tannins, medium body, great color and is the perfect red wine to enjoy over the summer with any festive occasion. It is excellent with appetizers, cheeses, BBQ, and picnics. Recently we had the opportunity to try the Blue Franc on the deck with a toasted sandwich of smoked chicken, grilled onion, and avocado – quintessentially quaffable!

    You can taste both these Washington Wines and more on Saturday March 22 between 2-5:00 p.m. at Jacob Liquor Exchange on North Rock Road.  Learn more about Washington Wine Month at www.jacobliquor.com

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