• May 21 – This Week’s Show

    This week I will be broadcasting LIVE from the 16th Annual Midwest Beerfest at Century-II Expo Hall.  You’ll hear from many of the brewmasters who will be pouring their products and I’ll tell you all about the Food Truck Round Up, the Midwest Wingfest, the Dance Contest and more.

    Doors open at 1 p.m. for the Grand Tasting and Silent Auction. Tickets for the Grand Tasting are $45 (inclusive of convenience fee) and can be purchased at Century II’sWichitaTix box office, by calling (316) 303-8100 or online at ww.wichitatix.com. Tickets entitle participants to a tasting mug, program guide and a key to the world of beers. Also look for non-beer drinks, an array of beer-friendly food, a brew-lover’s Silent Auction with the opportunity to win lots of great prizes, and music. The Silent Auction is a benefit for Prairie Travelers/Andover Augusta Rail Trail Initiative (AARTI.)

    Learn more at www.midwestbeerfest.com 

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    Posted on May 8th, 2016

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    May 14 – Steven Raichlen & Project Smoke

    May is Beef Month and who better to start today’s show than the Master of Fire himself…Steven Raichlen with his latest book “Project Smoke – Seven Steps to Smoked Food Nirvana, Plus 100 Irresistible Recipes from Classic (Slam-Dunk Brisket) to Adventurous (Smoked Bacon-Bourbon Apple Crisp)

    From America’s “master griller” (Esquire), a step-by-step guide to cold-smoking, hot-smoking, and smoke-roasting, and a collection of 100 innovative recipes for smoking every kind of food, from starters to desserts.

    Smoke is the soul of barbecue, the alchemy that happens when burning wood infuses its magical flavors into food. Project Smoke tells you how to make the alchemy happen, with Raichlen’s seven steps to smoking nirvana; an in-depth description of the various smokers; the essential brines, rubs, marinades, and barbecue sauces; and a complete guide to fuel, including how each type of wood subtly seasons a dish. Then the recipes for 100 enticing, succulent, boldly-flavored smoked dishes, including Bacon-Crab Poppers, Cherry-Glazed Baby Back Ribs, Slam-Dunk Brisket, Jamaican Jerk Chicken—even Smoked Chocolate Bread Pudding.

    Illustrated throughout with full-color photographs, it’s a book that inspires hunger at every glance, and satisfies with every recipe tried.  Check out Steven’s new Season of the same name starting in May  www.projectsmoke.org

    Then it’s all about Kansas Beef Month!

    Kansas is home to some of the highest quality cattle in the United States, and the state’s ranches and feedyards play a key role in the state’s agricultural success.  I’ll be talking to  Jamie Lindamood about the “Day at the Farm Tour” held last month in Greenwood County to educate a large group of folks about the production of Beef in Western Kansas.

    Then I’ll be talking to Kevin Thielen, Executive Director of the Kansas Beef Council about Beef Month.

    According to the High Plains AG Journal, May 7, 2016
    The Kansas beef industry is vital to the Kansas economy, generating over $9 billion annually. Kansas is home to 6.25 million cattle as of Jan. 1, which is more than twice the human population of 2.9 million. Kansas also ranks third nationally in the value of beef and veal exported, at $787.7 million in 2014. The industry also supports more than 48,400 jobs in Kansas.

    “We are very proud of our beef heritage. Kansas is one of the most important beef states in the country, and is known across the globe for the high quality of its beef,” said Secretary of Agriculture Jackie McClaskey. “The beef industry is a critical and significant part of the Kansas economy, and impacts all local communities as you’ll find beef cattle in every single county in the state. It’s also important for consumers to remember that beef is a very important part of a heart-healthy and nutritious diet. We encourage all Kansans to join us in celebrating Beef Month.”

    Beef fits into healthy lifestyles as a rich source of nutrients, especially protein. A 3-oz. serving of lean beef has less than 10 grams of fat, 150 calories and less than 95 mg. of cholesterol, while providing nearly half of the daily value for protein.

    Kansas has historically been a leader in beef production and remains at the heart of the U.S. beef industry. Warm up your grill this May and celebrate Kansas Beef Month.

    Good Life Guy’s Wine of the Week:
    2014 Angels Landing Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

    angelsFrom Calistoga fruit, an area made famous by Chateau Montelena. This is a deeply colored Cab with loads of blackberry, currant, and lots of mocha. Very good structure but the tannins are very ripe. This will be a real crowd pleaser for any occasion. It is worth every penny if you are looking for a delicious Napa Cab that will not put a dent in the wallet.

    Something to go with BEEF…it’s what’s for dinner :-)  Get this at Jacob Liquor East for only$19.99!



  • May 7 – Virginia Dare winemaker Sandy Walhiem

    First up is Virginia Dare winemaker Sandy Walhiem

    March was Women’s History Month and a great opportunity to celebrate all of the women that have helped define American history like Virginia Dare, the first English child born in the New World to colonists in 1587. Legend has it that Virginia Dare lived among the Native Americans and grew into a beautiful young woman trapped in the middle of a fatal love triangle. On the very spot where she died, a grapevine sprouted with its fruit stained red. According to the legend, this is how the white wine of America became red wine. The grapevine is widely believed to be the 400-year old Mother Vine, reportedly the oldest cultivated grapevine in North America which still exists today — a clipping of which will soon be planted in Virginia Dare Winery’s Sonoma County estate vineyard.

    Virginia Dare Winery located in Sonoma County celebrates the genesis of American winemaking. Francis Coppola’s goal, as told in a TODAY show interview last September, is to revive the wine brand so that it isn’t lost to future generations. For more information, please visit www.VirginiaDareWinery.com.

    Virginia Dare Winery, American wines since 1835, pays tribute to America’s winegrowing heritage. The existence of the 400-year-old scuppernong “Mother Vine” growing on Roanoke Island, North Carolina is intertwined with the story of one of the first English settlements in the New World, which later mysteriously disappeared without a trace, leaving nothing but a spellbinding story of mythical and mysterious characters – each of which grace the labels of our wines. Crafted with grapes from the finest viticulture regions in California, our wines are rich with characteristics befitting an American legend: Pure. Natural. Distinctive.

    About Winemaker Sandy Walhiem
    In 2006, Walheim was hired as an associate winemaker for Francis Ford Coppola Winery. Under her direction, she and her team are responsible for all Sonoma County wines that the winey produces. As she puts it, “a lot of winemaking is problem solving of some sort, which can be really fun, like working a puzzle.” She thrives on the challenges that each vintage, varietal and appellation present — and looks forward to the tremendously gratifying aspect of bringing each wine to its finest quality potential.

    A veteran in the California winemaking scene, In addition to making Virginia Dare wines, Sandy oversees the Sonoma County wine program for Francis Ford Coppola Winery. Under her guidance, she and her team skillfully craft the Francis Coppola Reserve wines
    (single vineyard designates), Director’s Cut (Sonoma County sub-appellation), Director’s
    (Sonoma County appellation) and Archimedes (the winery’s flagship wine).

    Good Life Guy’s Wine of the Week:
    2014 Russian River Valley Chardonnay
    Aged the classic way for 12 months in French oak, this wine delivers both intensity and density, expressing superlative American craftsmanship. A luxurious, creamy texture supports tropical aromas of orange blossom, red grapefruit, Asian pear, and pineapple. Rounding out the profile are underlying flavors of toasty bread balanced with French oak.

    2014 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
    This wine boasts a round, oaky structure and elegant tannins that linger on the palate. Exotic notes of sandalwood lay the foundation for soft tones of red and black cherry, red plum, and blueberry, expressing a hint of floral violet that culminates in a concentrated, roasted finish.



    In the second half I’ll be talking to Mike Odierna District Manager, Boston Beer Company.  Mike is the Celebrity Guest at the midwest Beerfest dinner at DoubleTree by Hilton Wichita Airport.  All three dinners are $55 and at various locations.  To see the menus visit the www.midwestbeerfest.com  You must have confirmed reservations for
    the dinners.  Call 316 682-5502 to reserve your seats at one of these FUN and tasty beer dinners.

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    Posted on April 28th, 2016

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    Apr 30 – Beer Dinners & Six O’Clock Scramble

    This show will be FUN!  First up, a little about two of the three Midwest Beerfest Dinners on Friday May 20.  Then Aviva Goldfarb joins us to talk about her new book “The Six O’Clock Scramble Meal Planner” =  Year of Quick, Deliviouc Meals to Help you Prevent and Manage Diabetes.


    Midwest Beerfest 2016 – Celebrity Beer Dinners, May 20 • 7 p.m.
    Various locations.  Cost: $55   Call (316) 682-5502, Seating limited
    When calling for tickets to the dinners, please leave a message listing your first and second choice, someone will return your call in 24-48 hours ~ Thank you.

    I’ll be talking to Wes Hohe Brand Ambassador for Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits about their Beerfest dinner at YaYa’s Eurobistro.  Learn more about the brewery at: www.ballastpoint.com


    Then Lou Huertas Brand Ambassador for New Holland Brewing  joins us to talk about New Holland dinner at All Things Barbecue.  Learn more about this brewery at: www.newhollandbrew.com

    Check out the menus for both of these at www.midwestbeerfest.com/beer-dinners


    Aviva Goldfarb joins us to talk about her new book “The Six O’Clock Scramble Meal Planner” – A Year of Quick, Delicious Meals to Help you Prevent and Manage Diabetes. Not only is this yet another great book in associations with the American Diabetes Association, but you want to check Aviva’s web site www.thescramble.com

    Meet The Mom Behind The Scramble www.avivagoldfarb.com
    “Like many busy moms, I treasure dinner time with my family but was fed up with the stress of having so little time to decide what to make and to cook healthy meals that everyone liked. Recalling my mom’s simple weekly meal planning strategy, I created an online family dinner planner for busy parents that takes the Scramble out of 6:00 by giving people an easy, online meal planning and grocery shopping system, along with fail-proof, family-friendly recipes.”  Aviva

    Everyone wants to eat healthier, but pulling together a healthy meal can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Often we run out of time and ideas at the end of the day and resort to unhealthy takeout or frozen food. But there is a better way that is not only healthier—it’s easier, less stressful, and saves money, too. As a busy mother of two, author Aviva Goldfarb has discovered that the key to making healthy meals a reality is simple: Plan several easy, healthy meals in advance and grocery shop once a week with a list.


    Inside The Six O’Clock Scramble Meal Planner you’ll find:

    160 delicious, diabetes-friendly recipes that require 30 minutes or less to prepare
    32 weekly menu plans complete with main dishes and sides—and an organized grocery list for each week!
    Recipes organized by season and by week to give you variety throughout the year
    Recipes that are built on natural, fresh ingredients
    Slow cooker directions for most recipes
    Gorgeous color photos for each recipe

    Good Life Guy’s Wine Beer of the Week:


    A rich, copper ale with a case full of gold medals. Our California Amber takes its inspiration from traditional English ESBs. Four types of malts give it a bold complexity, and our proprietary yeast strain lends it a fruity, madeira-like richness. However, it’s the American hops that give this ale a distinct bite and floral aroma that have earned it just about every major beer medal.

  • Apr 23 – All Things BBQ & Rombauer Cab :-)

    Come join me at All Things BBQ this Saturday.  I’ll be broadcasting LIVE and taking part in the Kansas Steak Championship.
    818 West Douglas Avenue in the Delano district.

    atbbqoIt all started simply enough: just a few friends and family gathering in the backyard, enjoying good company and good food. Somewhere along the line, this simple family tradition turned into a passion, culminating with the 2009 opening of a retail store, All Things Barbecue.

    All Things Barbecue has a simple goal: to spread the passion for outdoor cooking to as many people as possible. www.atbbq.com

    With knowledge gathered from generations of backyard cooks, we know that mouth-watering barbecue starts with professional grade tools. That’s exactly what you can find at All Things Barbecue, starting with Yoder Smokers, America’s premiere line of professional grade smokers built in Yoder, Kansas.

    These smokers are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen using the finest heavy-duty ¼-inch steel. A testament to quality and performance, Yoder Smokers can be found in backyards around the world and taking home top honors on the competition barbecue circuit across the United States.

    New Store

    All Things Barbecue doesn’t stop at high end barbecue pits, but also carries a wide range of gas and charcoal grills with brands like Alfresco Grills, Napoleon Gourmet Grills, Hasty Bake, Weber Grills, Beefeater, Forno Bravo and much more.

    True to its name, All Things Barbecue offers anything you need to become your own backyard grilling legend. That means you can find the finest sauces, rubs, accessories and fuels to help you create gourmet barbecue right in your backyard.

    The Steak Cookoff Association is dedicated to building the sport of steak cookoffs.  The SCA benefits both cook teams and cookoff’s by implementing standardized rules and equal competitive opportunities for each team.

    Every cookteam likes to know the rules, know the judging tent is run with integrity, that payouts are guaranteed and that they have an equal opportunity to win.  So after a year of conversations and negotiations with some of the most influential leaders of the steak cookoff community, the SCA was created.  Now cookteams can be assured of a fair and well run cookoff when it is sanctioned by the SCA. All SCA sanctioned cookoffs will have a “SCA Representative” on site to run the judging area and be an ambassador to the cookteams.  The SCA Representative will be trained and know all the rules and regulations of an SCA cookoff.  Learn more about the SCA here!

    SCA currently has events in 11 states and should be in 15-20 by the end of 2016.  In 2015 SCA went international with 3 events in the Netherlands and in 2016 plans are to expand to Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Belgium and the Caribbean.  With the current growth pattern SCA should have 100 events in 2016.  Help grow the sport of steak cookoffs by joining SCA.

    Good Life Guy’s Wine of the Week:
    A Fine Red wine from Rombauer Vineyards
    With Bob Knebel, Rombauer COO and Dave Zinni Rombauer Midwest Representative.

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