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    Posted on November 13th, 2017

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    Nov 18 – This Week’s Show

    My guest this week brings new meaning to “World Travler!” Robyn Eckhardt and her photographer husband David Hagerman put together one of the coolest books of the year; Istanbul & Beyond – Exploring the Diverse Cuisines of Turkey.   Having spent many months in Turkey while on active duty in the Air Force, I was always impressed with the people, culture and especially the food…this book brings back so many great memories 🙂

    The most extensive and lushly photographed Turkish cookbook to date, by two internationally acclaimed experts

    Standing at the crossroads between the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and Asia, Turkey boasts astonishingly rich and diverse culinary traditions. Journalist Robyn Eckhardt and her husband, photographer David Hagerman, have spent almost twenty years discovering the country’s very best dishes. Now they take readers on an unforgettable epicurean adventure, beginning in Istanbul, home to one of the world’s great fusion cuisines. From there, they journey to the lesser-known provinces, opening a vivid world of flavors influenced by neighboring Syria, Iran, Iraq, Armenia, and Georgia.

    From village home cooks, community bakers, café chefs, farmers, and fishermen, they have assembled a broad, one-of-a-kind collection of authentic, easy-to-follow recipes: “The Imam Fainted” Stuffed Eggplant; Pillowy Fingerprint Flatbread; Pot-Roasted Chicken with Caramelized Onions; Stovetop Lamb Meatballs with Spice Butter; Artichoke Ragout with Peas and Favas; Green Olive Salad with Pomegranate Molasses; Apple and Raisin Hand Pies. Many of these have never before been published in English. Get a copy now.

    About the Authors
    ROBYN ECKHARDT and her husband, DAVID HAGERMAN, have logged more than 15,000 miles in Turkey since the 1990s. Eckhardt’s articles and recipes have appeared in Saveur, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Food & Wine, Design Sponge, and Travel + Leisure. Hagerman has photographed around the world for Travel + Leisure, Saveur, and the New York Times. They live in Italy.  Check out their Face Book page and learn more!

    Good Life Guy’s Wine of the Week:
    2015 Edna Valley Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc
    Our Edna Valley Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc offers elegant aromas of honeydew melon and grapefruit. On the palate, these citrus notes are echoed and complemented by
    tropical fruit flavors of guava, passion fruit and a hint of lime zest. Balanced, crisp acidity with flavors that linger on the finish, this Sauvignon Blanc is a true expression of the varietal and the vintage.

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    Posted on November 13th, 2017

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    Nov 11 – Sonoma’s Regina Martinelli

    If you missed it LIVE… Click here to listen or download this show!

    Podcast audio files are listed by date and there are four separate segments for each show listed with the last segment on top and the others below.

    My guest this week is Regina Martinelli part of the Family tradition  in Sonoma making great wine.  Gina will be here in Wichita in December for the Wichita Chapter of the American Institute of Wine & Food annual holiday dinner at the Marriott East.

    The Martinelli family has been growing grapes in the Russian River Valley since the 1880’s. At the ages of 19 and 16, Giuseppe Martinelli and Luisa Vellutini eloped from their small village in the Tuscany region of Italy, making their way to California looking for land to farm and start a winery. Giuseppe had been a winemaker in Italy and with his viticulture knowledge he was hired to plant a vineyard for a farmer in Forestville. Within two years he earned enough money, and borrowed some from a local wood cutter, to purchase land of his own. Working side by side on a 60 degree slope, Giuseppe and Luisa planted a small area of Zinfandel and Muscat Alexandria vines, which later became known as the Jackass Hill vineyard. Over 100 years later, this south easterly exposure remains the steepest non-terraced vineyard in Sonoma County.  www.martinelliwinery.com

    Regina Says:
    “Our family has been farming in Sonoma County since 1860. All of our wines are produced from estate grown grapes, from vineyards farmed by patriarch Lee Martinelli Sr., and brothers George and Lee Martinelli Jr. Our focus at Martinelli Winery has always been making the best possible quality wines that are born in the vineyards. We use extensive cultural practices in our vineyards to reach this goal. Our winemaker Bryan Kvamme employs a natural approach to winemaking, allowing the essence of fully ripened fruit to shine through from the vineyard to the wine. ”

    To this day, the Martinellis still sell more grapes then are used to make their own wines; about 90% of the grapes they farm are sold to other Sonoma County wineries. Lee Sr. and his two sons, Lee Jr. and George, continue the proud legacy of care-taking the land, and you may meet one of the Martinelli daughters, Julianna or Regina, on the road at various events or at the winery.

    Good Life guy’s Wine of the Week:
    The Wines of Martinelli Winery


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    Posted on November 1st, 2017

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    Nov 4 – This Week’s Show

    My guest this week is Joseph Cruz , Co-Founder/President/Sales and Marketing of Apption Labs, an innovative technology start-up dedicated to developing smarter consumer products connected to the Internet and controlled by mobile devices. Oesph says “Taking cues from our own lifestyle problems, we are not building gadgets, but complete solutions that you want and need to use every day.  The topic today: MEATER a high quality wireless meat thermometer using Blue Tooth to connect with the MEATER app on your phone.  Really cool piece of kitchen and outdoor cooking technology.  We’ll tell you all about Apption Labs and this great product.

    Meater is the first truly wireless smart meat thermometer. Along with the Meater app, it will help you cook the juiciest steak, chicken, turkey, fish or other meats perfectly every time for every occasion. Learn more here at the wildly successful Kickstarter site

    The company was founded on January 02, 2015 between 3 co-founders with 30+ years of combined hardware and software engineering experience. As close friends, the founders got together over a BBQ dinner, and after a few bottles of red wine and flights of Scotch, decided to take their problems into their own hands and stop waiting for someone else to solve them. This mentality is the driving force that echoes through the company culture that allows progressive ideas, positive thinking, and innovation.

    Apption Labs is headquartered in Leicester, United Kingdom and also have offices in Los Angeles, CA, USA and Hsinchu, Taiwan. Our multi-continental background serves as an advantage to not only reach a global market for our products but allows us to gather insight and feedback from people of different cultures to help build and shape products with the right features and functionality. Our product inspirations come from our own experiences and most importantly, from the actual people who need them.

    As the consumer market transitions into the Internet of Everything, Apption Labs is poised to lead this space by offering unique products with real world applications. We believe true innovation does not come without substantial risks and challenges; and our mission, as a company, is to face those obstacles head-on, and deliver first-to-market products engineered with laser focus. Visit MEATER.com

    About Joseph Cruz:
    Riding on the heels of a successful career in computing, product and design development and management as R&D manager for Gefen, Joseph Cruz joined forces with his colleague and business partner to pursue his passion for innovation and bring to life his own “big ideas.” Embarking on this journey as business owner and inventor, paired with the spirit of an entrepreneur, Joseph co-founded Apption Labs in 2015. As an avid fan of crowdfunding and the innate desire to develop his own products, Joseph enlisted the strength of the start-up community via Kickstarter to aid in bringing his first product, MEATER to market. MEATER is the world’s first truly wireless leave-in meat thermometer, paving the way for future innovations and setting a new standard in the consumer space in this product category. Apption Labs is at the beginning of its journey through the creation of innovative products with all-new efficiency tools and user-centric tech enhancements on the horizon.

    Joseph Cruz | Co-Founder/President/Sales and Marketing
    Teemu Nivala | Co-Founder/COO/CTO
    Dauson Chang | Co-Founder/VP of Supply Chain Management

    Good Life Guy’s Wine(s) of the Week:
    2015 Ste. Michelle Vineyards Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
    Image result for 2015 Ste. Michelle Vineyards Cabernet SauvignonThis special label is in celebration of 50 years of winemaking at Chateau Ste. Michelle. From a warm growing season, the 2015 vintage is sourced from Columbia Valley vineyards in eastern Washington including Cold Creek, Canoe Ridge Estate and Indian Wells vineyards. The final blend is 87% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Merlot, 4% Syrah, 1% Malbec, 1% Cabernet Franc, and 1% Petit Verdot.  Cabernet Sauvignon is a standout variety from Washington, with silky tannins, rich complexity and concentrated fruit. That’s why our Columbia Valley Cabernet is the perfect choice to carry the nostalgic banner of our 50th anniversary. Raise a glass and help us celebrate the next 50 years! WE89

    2016 Ste. Michelle Vineyards Columbia Valley Chardonnay
    Image result for 2016 Ste. Chateau Michelle Chardonnay AnniversaryChateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay is a pleasurable, food-friendly wine. It is crafted in a fresh, soft style with bright apple and sweet citrus fruit character with subtle spice and oak nuances. This special 50th Anniversary bottling celebrates five decades of Chateau Ste. Michelle’s commitment to tradition, innovation and the future.  Pairs well with crab, poultry, salmon, and scallops. Try seasoning with ginger, lemon zest, tarragon, or thyme.

    Cheers to 50 more years of great wine from Washington!  🙂


    Pick up some of each and join me this Saturday…you’ll love them both!

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    Posted on October 23rd, 2017

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    Oct 28 – Cork Dork

    If you are interested in wine and want to learn about what it’s like to become a Sommelier you need this book…

    My guest is Bianca Bosker with her new book Cork Dork: A Wine-Fueled Adventure Among the Obsessive Sommeliers, Big Bottle Hunters, and Rogue Scientists Who Taught Me to Live for Taste”

    Professional journalist and amateur drinker Bianca Bosker didn’t know much about wine—until she discovered an alternate universe where taste reigns supreme, a world of elite sommeliers who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of flavor. Astounded by their fervor and seemingly superhuman sensory powers, she set out to uncover what drove their obsession, and whether she, too, could become a “cork dork.”

    With boundless curiousity, humor, and a healthy dose of skepticism, Bosker takes the reader inside underground tasting groups, exclusive New York City restaurants, California mass-market wine factories, and even a neuroscientist’s fMRI machine as she attempts to answer the most nagging question of all: What’s the big deal about wine? What she learns will change the way you drink wine–and, perhaps, the way you live–forever.  Get a book NOW!

    Bianca Bosker is an award-winning journalist who has written about food, wine, architecture, and technology for The New Yorker online, The Atlantic, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Food & Wine, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, and The New Republic. The former executive tech editor of The Huffington Post, she is the author of the critically acclaimed book Original Copies: Architectural Mimicry in Contemporary China (University of Hawaii Press, 2013). She lives in New York City.  Learn more about Bianca: www.biancabosker.com  Follow on Facebook and Twitter

    Good Life Guy’s Wine of the Week:
    2014 Secret Squirrel Red Blend, Columbia Valley Washington
    This wine is a blend of 42% Cabernet Sauvignon, 27% Merlot, 13% Cab Franc, 11% Petite Verdot, and 7% Malbec. The oak treatment was 65% new French Oak for 28 months.   A wildly expansive nose shows off wonderful herbaceous notes of tea leaf, mint, eucalyptus, pomegranate, olive brine, rubbed sage, fennel, dried red currant, Christmas spice, vanilla bean and cocoa powder. On the palate, this wine is deeply complex, well-structured and delicious with flavors of dried plum, rustic red fruits, blackberry, dusty tannins, cedar and a lingering finish.  www.secretsquirrel.com

    Pickup a bottle at Jacob Liquor Exchange on North Rock Road, Wichita and join us!

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    Posted on October 20th, 2017

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    Oct 21 – Vineyard Sonoma County

    My guest this Saturday is George Rose, a photo journalist, winery publicist, writer and so much more with his new BIG book of stunning photos of Sonoma County.

    “VINEYARD Sonoma County,” a stunning, large-format collector’s edition coffee-table book featuring over 188 pages of color images by noted photojournalist and wine photographer George Rose. Learn more about George and order a copy of this book!

    “VINEYARD Sonoma County” is a celebration of the beauty of winegrowing throughout one of California’s most diverse wine regions and is the culmination of the photographer’s twenty-five-year career spent living, working, and documenting the dramatic seasonal changes of Sonoma County Wine Country. The volume includes a foreword by Alder Yarrow, publisher of the prestigious Vinography.com wine blog and an introduction by noted wine writer, Dan Berger.

    Over 40 years ago, George Rose began his long career as a photographer.  Throughout the years, he has traveled a long and winding road through the elite world of popular music, film, news, politics, and sports, eventually leading him to California’s Wine Country. During his prolific years as a Los Angeles-based photojournalist, Rose developed a remarkable and historic body of photographic work focused on popular culture. Follow George on Face Book 

    In addition to talking about George’s journey in wine and his book we will also be talking about the devastating fires in California and what you might do to HELP!  Below is a list of sites that are taking donations to help the less fortunate in Napa, Sonoma and especially Santa Rosa.

    Good Life Guy’s Wine of the Week:
    2014 Benziger Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon
    Our Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon has a graceful yet profound entrance. The 2014 vintage has similar flavors to what we saw last season, with an elegant, juicy entry and berry cobbler, cinnamon and vanilla flavors. Mocha and wood spices unite, layer by layer, to form a finish that is rich with seamless tannins.

    Wilford Wong, wine buyer for Wine.com says:
    The 2014 Benziger Cabernet is excellent, a real deal in the marketplace. The wine’s ripe fruit, savory spices, and freshness make it perfect for those wanting top wines at decent prices.”  90/100 points.

    2014 Benziger Sonoma County Chardonnay
    Our Sonoma County Chardonnay is a vibrant, engaging wine that bursts with mouth-watering fruit and lively acid. Flavors of apple, pear, citrus and ripe apricot engage the palate, while subtle, creamy hints of butter and meringue unfold. The final presentation is a luscious finish, leaving the palate refreshed and wanting more. We suggest pairing with a roasted Dijon chicken or crab cakes.

    Chris Benziger is one of my good friends that lost his home in the fires 🙁

    Want to help?  Below is a list of places where you can donate:

    • The Napa Valley Community Foundation: click here.
    • Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership: click here.
    • American Red Cross Wildfire Relief Fund: click here.
    • Napa Humane Society: click here.


    • Community Foundation of Sonoma: click here.
    • Redwood Empire Food Bank: click here.
    • SHARE Emergency Housing: click here.
    • Sonoma County Animal Services: click here.

                                                        SANTA ROSA

    • Redwood Credit Union Community Fund: click here.
    • You Caring – Tubbs Fire Victims: click here.
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