This week I’ll be chatting with proprietor and wine maker extraordinare Debra Mathy from Dutcher Crossing.  Had the opportunity to meet, eat and drink with Debra on a brief visit to Wichita and was impressed with the wines we shared and ordered several more to talk about on the show.  Dutcher Crossing makes a bunch of wine, limited quantities and ordered on-line, not yet available here.  A great gal with a great journey-in-wine story. 🙂

Dutcher Crossing Winery represents an authentic and enjoyable experience for wine-lovers who visit the beautiful Dry Creek Valley. The perfect blend of award-winning wines, gorgeous wine country views and warm hospitality await visitors.

Proprietor Debra Mathy can often be found welcoming guests with Dutchess, her Golden Lab, sidekick and official greeter. Winemaker Kerry Damskey’s small-lot, select vineyard approach to winemaking can be learned and enjoyed in the tasting room. In short, Dutcher Crossing offers the timeless qualities of an artisan approach to life.  Check out Dutcher Crossing on Facebook & Twitter

The vintage high-wheel bicycle, a treasured gift from Debra’s father, represents Dutcher Crossing’s pursuit of quality small-lot winemaking, the guiding power of her father’s imagination and the journey that lies ahead.
Debra Mathy is an adventurer, and her journey to become the proprietor of Dutcher Crossing Winery is her most memorable quest. “My destiny was to be a business woman and own Dutcher Crossing Winery,” she stated. “It has been a long road, but I’m here, heading happily forward.”  Follow her Blog here.
During the show we will not only learn about Debra and Dutcher Crossing but taste a bunch of wine…oh the trouble I go to to bring you wine FUN!  I have several of Debra’s wines with me and look forward to trying them during the show.  If you want to learn more and order some of these fine wines, visit:
Good Life Guy’s Wines of the Week:
Lots of Great wine from Dutcher Crossing
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