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Sucheta Rawal

Sucheta is a freelance writer, foodie and travel enthusiast. Born and raised in India, she is a home grown chef who is an expert at many cuisines. Sucheta started off by borrowing American cookbooks from her high school library at her home town of Chandigarh and translating them in Hindi to her help at home. She taught how to make cheese blintzes, chocolate mousse and bird’s nest noodle bowls, amongst other totally foreign concepts in India at the time!

After she moved to Atlanta at the age of 17, Sucheta started working at an Italian restaurant while in college. She would try a different dish of the menu every night of the week so she could describe it to the customers in her own words. Her passion for cooking started with Italian cuisine, learning through observation, direction and experimentation and expanded into many others. Soon she was trying new restaurants, critiquing them and refining the preparations in her own kitchen. She particularly enjoyed blending flavors and creating a variety of palates on her dinner menu, such as an artist would.

Sucheta also has a passion for seeing the world and has traveled to 32 countries and counting. While most tourists review the sights and attractions of travel guides, she jumps straight to “where to dine” sections. Her favorite things to do while traveling are eating at family run places, talking to the locals and visiting local farmers markets and wineries. She likes to bring back recipes from people she met or places she ate at around the world and recreate that sense of exploration without leaving the home.

In the second half I’ll be talking to local Wichita Chef Harry Pape about his latest cooking classes.

Learn about this unique cooking class by Chef H;  Star demonstration Kitchen at 325 South West St., Wichita Kansas,  Dec 15,  – 7 PM.

If you have seen Chef H on KAKE TV, you know that he is a practical cook. His menus are simple and contain ingredients that are available at local markets such as Dillon’s, WalMart, and Target. He also features recipes that are low in salt and fat… Most importantly, what he cooks is delicious and something the entire family enjoys. For the busy persons of Wichita his recipes are quick and easy to prepare. Check out his latest video and recipes at and find out more at Chef H here.

For a first hand look at how easy great delicious cooking can be, come and enjoy a 90 minute cooking class with Chef H on December 15th. The evening will begin at 7 PM and you will enjoy tasting all that is prepared that evening. Star cooks with Chef H. Reservations required .

Click here to make reservations


Good Life Guy’s Wine of the Week:
NV Bisol Jeio Prosecco Brut Rosé

50% Pinot Noir/50% Merlot – A rose with a bubbly personality that offers great drinking pleasure. The color is a brilliant delicate pink, with extremely fine and persistent perlage. The bouquet is elegant and complex, with a wide range of aromas, intense hints of rose, fresh fruit, citrus and lychee. On the palate it is crisp and balanced, with good acidity and a dry long finish. Due to its “brut” personality, this wines makes an ideal aperitif, perfect for appetizers and canapés at reception and cocktail parties, or even to accompany the entire meal.

Pick up a bottle at Jacob Liquor Exchange on North Rock Road and join us!

Santa will be at the Cigar Chateau next to Jacob Liquor Exchange on N. Rock Road in Wichita, 2-5pm, Saturday Dec 10th. Bring your camera for photo opportunities.  Donations will be accepted, Jacob Liquor will match all donations. Proceeds will go to the Wichita Childrens Home.

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