Come and be a part of The Good Life, I’ll be broadcasting live from Great Harvest Bread Company and their new location with my good friend Tim Herren.

First up is a chat with Tom Silberkleit, a guest who has been on the show many times because he produces some of the most useful wine touring and information books on many regions of California.  He does it with great photography, skilled writing that’s informative and fun, and all the details you need.  Top it off with regular updated editions and it’s a must have for wine enthusiast who love California wines and wine touring.
The latest update is the 5th Edition of the Napa/Sonoma/Mendocino

Journey through the tasting rooms of a tri-county vineyard paradise… With The California Directory of Fine Wineries as your guide, you’ll wander through world-famous Napa, home of the state’s most recognized cellar landmarks. You’ll meander scenic back roads on the way to Sonoma’s premier wineries. You’ll travel to rustic Mendocino, where the winemakers themselves will pour you a glass of their specialty. This fully updated, fifth edition of The California Directory of Fine Wineries is an essential guide to both glamorous estates and intimate, family-owned vineyards. Order a copy of any or all of these great books!

Here is a link to a great video segment Tom filmed at Jacuzzi Vineyards, one of the three wineries mentioned for a quick visit to Southern Sonoma from San Francisco.  The others for this short trip are; Cline and Gloria Ferrer.


LIVE from Great Harvest with owner/baker Tim Herren, we’ll be telling you all about this creative family run business and not only all the great bread they bake, but all the products, sweets, sandwiches and more!

Great Harvest handcrafts bread, sweets and sandwichs daily using only pure and simple ingredients. Each morning we fresh-grind premium whole wheat in the bakery and blend it with ingredients from nature, like yeast, salt and local honey. Great Harvest never uses chemicals or additives. The result is bread that tastes simply amazing.

Good Life Guy’s Wine of the Week:
2010 Beringer Napa Valley Chardonnay
Beringer’s Napa Valley Chardonnay is a quintessential expression of this beautiful varietal and the depth of flavors it can exhibit. Flavors of ripe citrus and apple are accented by aromas of toffee, tangerines and orange blossom. The mouth-coating, round texture highlights the rich flavors, all balanced by bright, refreshing notes that linger into the finish.

WOW – Guy loves this wine, it may be one of the best Napa vintages from this stalwart for years, and there hasn’t been a loser in the batch up to this point.  I would rate this wine a 93 of 100, and it’s sure to get all manner of Best Buy, Editors Choice awards in the near future!

Pick up a bottle at Jacob Liquor Exchange on North Rock Road and  join us

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