• andrea cassell picI’m looking forward to talking to Andrea Cassell about her new book “Nahima’s Hands – Unique Mediterranean Cuisine.   

    Andrea Cassell, wife, mother, and accomplished artisan, is releasing her first cookbook entitled Nahima’s Hands: Unique Mediterranean Cuisine. Bursting with delicious, authentic recipes inspired by her grandmother, Nahima, the cookbook promises to transport you to the Mediterranean.  Featured sections include: appetizers, salads, dressings, and marinades, soups and stews, rice grains and legumes, vegetables, chicken, beef and pork, deserts and breads, and slow-cooker recipes. Cassell even has some recipes paired with wine. For those vegetarians, there are recipes offered in a meatless version.

    Andrea will be doing a LIVE cooking demonstration to introduce her new book at Watermark Books & Cafe this Saturday October 30 at  2:00 p.m.  4701 E. Douglas Wichita, Kansas.  I hope to be doing this show live from Watermark but won’t know until Saturday morning 😉

    olive branchlearn more at www.nahimashands.com   

    In the second half I’ll be talking to Kathryn Prather, owner/creator of “Nut Nation”  about some of her interesting creations.  You will want to try all of the unique Smoked “Pistachioz” from Nut Nation.  I am especailly fond of the Curry and Zesty Garlic pistachios from Nut Nation.  Visit their web site and learn all about these and other products, why the “z” in “Pistachioz” and this interesting family run business.  www.nutnation.net

    pigs fly logoSpeaking of family run business, I’ll also be talking to Brian Choy about Wichita’s newest BBQ restaurant “When Pigs Fly” – 7011 W. Central Ste. 116 – Wichita.
    Recently opened and featured at this years Midwest Beerfest, Brian and his dad Ronnie Choy are making smokey waves in the local BBQ scene.  Check out the menu and learn about cateering from this new “Q-joint” here in Wichita. www.whenpigsflywichita.com

    Good Life Guy’s Wine of The Week:
    Something fun with BBQ!

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