This week my guest is Matt Moore with his new book “The South’s Best ButtsPitmaster Secrets for Southern Barbecue Perfection.

In The South’s Best Butts, food writer and Southern gentleman, Matt Moore, waves away clouds of smoke to give barbecue-lovers a sneak peek into the kitchens and smokehouses of a handful of the Barbecue Belt’s most revered pitmasters. He uncovers their tried-and-true techniques gleaned over hours, days, and years toiling by fire and spit, coaxing meltingly tender perfection from the humble pig-the foundation of Southern BBQ. More than a book of recipes, Matt explores how the marriage of meat, cooking method, and sauce varies from place to place based on history and culture, climate, available ingredients and wood, and always the closely-guarded, passed-down secrets followed like scripture. Because no meat plate is complete in the South without “all the fixin’s” to round out the meal, Matt cues up patron-sanctioned recipes from every establishment he visits. One thing is for certain…this book will change the way you cook, smoke, grill, and eat, but be warned: Your own butt may suffer in the process.  Get a copy NOW!

Matt Moore

Matt Moore

The son of a cattleman and grandson of a butcher, Matt Moore is hte quintessential Southern cook.  Author of A Southern Gentleman’s Kitchen, his food writing has garnered critical accclaim from publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, and the New York Times. His Souther charm has landed him on the Today Show, Fox & Friends, and the WGN. Matt resides in Nashville with his family and is also a musician, pilot, adventure seeker, entrepreneur, Moonshine colonge creator, avid fisherman and a cast iron and wild game enthusiast.  Learn more at:  Follow Matt on Facebook & twitter

Good Life Guy’s Wine of the Week:
2011 Hedges Red Mountain Estate Grown Red Blend
hedges family EstateA cool-weather blend of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah, malbec and cabernet franc, this wine leads with a scent of rye followed by compact, chewy cabernet flavor. It’s dark fruited, formidably tannic and tense in its structure, with a finish that’s pleasingly savory.

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