LIVE from the 2014, 14th Annual Midwest Beerfest

BeerFestLogoIt’s hard for me to grasp how fast time has gone by since the first Midwest Beerfest two weeks after September 11, 2001  It was a challenge to put on a FUN event when all of us where still trying to get a grip on what happened to the World Trade Center.  The first event was a success and had a patriotic theme.  Much has changed in the last 13 years and the event is bigger and better than ever.

I’ll be talking to some of the key players that not only make the event happen but more importantly some of the participants who will be pouring there brews.  If you want to learn more…visit

More importantly, get your tickets in advance and be ready to enjoy the FUN starting at 1:00 p.m.  The line will move quickly and will be lead by a bag pipe and drum corps…The Great American Beerfest in Denver has nothing on Wichita  🙂

Good Life Guy’s Wine Beer of the Week:
A sampling of some of the great hand crafted Kansas produced Brews

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