First up is Harris Salat with the new book he co-authored with Tadashi Ono; The Japanese Grill, From Classic Yakitori to Steak, Seafood and Vegetables. Get a copy of this great book now!

American grilling, Japanese flavors: That’s the irresistible idea behind The Japanese Grill. In this bold cookbook, chef Tadashi Ono and writer Harris Salat, avid grillers both, share a key insight: that live-fire cooking marries perfectly with mouthwatering Japanese ingredients like soy sauce and miso.  Packed with fast-and-easy recipes, versatile marinades, and step-by-step techniques, The Japanese Grill will have you grilling amazing steaks, pork chops, salmon, tomatoes, and whole chicken, as well as traditional favorites like yakitori, yaki onigiri, and whole salt-packed fish. Whether you use charcoal or gas, or are a grilling novice or disciple, you will love dishes like Skirt Steak with Red Miso, Garlic–Soy Sauce Porterhouse, Crispy Chicken Wings, Yuzu Kosho Scallops, and Soy Sauce-and-Lemon Grilled Eggplant. Ono and Salat include menu suggestions for sophisticated entertaining in addition to quick-grilling choices for healthy weekday meals, plus a slew of delectable sides that pair well with anything off the fire.

Grilling has been a centerpiece of Japanese cooking for centuries, and when you taste the incredible dishes in The Japanese Grill—both contemporary and authentic—you’ll become a believer, too.  Check out and Harris’ blog at

In the second half I’ll be talking to James Gabler about his new e-book “Be Your Own Wine Expert.”
Download a copy now and join us…it’s only $.99!

Be Your Own Wine Expert makes learning about wine fun. In less than 3 minutes you can learn about any one of more than 100 of the world’s best wine varietals. No more intimidating wine lists, no more mispronouncing wine names, no more feeling left out when the conversation turns to wine. The more than 2000 Value For Money Wine recommendations that cost less than $10, $15 and $20 a bottle prove that wine doesn’t have to be expensive to be good. The best way to enjoy the book is with a glass of wine. The next time you have a glass of wine, open Be Your Own Wine Expert to the wine you are drinking. You’ll learn as you taste and taste as you learn. It’s a fun experience.

Good Life Guy’s Wine of the Week:
2009 Willamette Valley Vineyards Pinot Gris

The stylistic vision of this wine is an “Oregon version” of Alsatian Pinot Gris. Depth of extract, richness, big mouthfeel but with elegance and ability to age. The grapes were picked at peak ripeness and the whole clusters were then lightly pressed. The must was cold settled and racked to another stainless steel tank where it was inoculated with 3 special strains of yeast which promote a rich mouth feel.

This wine opens with bright, clean aromas of pear and green apple. The sip is round and creamy, with a good acid balance that highlights flavors of key lime and lemongrass, with tart notes of kumquat balanced by just a hint of sweetness. The bright, strong finish invites another sip. The small addition of Pinot Blanc, picked very ripe, adds emollient mouthfeel, and contributes to this classic Oregon style. The barrel fermented portions of the Pinot Gris add a kiss of toast and richness.


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