Like Wine?  Have you heard of Wines Till Sold Out or WTSO?  You need to!  Tune in this Saturday, I’ll be talking to WTSO CEO Joe Arking and we will tell you everything you need to know about this nifty wine buying web site.  It’s easy, it’s fun, there are some great deals and they ship to Kansas. is an online store that focuses on selling wine at 30%-70% off store and internet site prices. It started as an in-store department of the parent company that will remain nameless so we can continue to get these great wines at ridiculous prices and pass them on to you!  One wine at a time, Fine Wines, Great Prices…

In the second half I’ll be talking to Kevin Egan, Brand Manager for Blue Ice Vodka about this stellar product and what you can do with it to beat the heat of summer!

21st Century Spirits started its first offering with the creation  of Blue Ice Vodka, America’s finest potato vodka from–Idaho–home to the luscious Russet Burbank Potato. Idaho is the  true birthplace of Blue Ice Vodka; it is where the people  behind the brand come from and live, where the natural  ingredients are sourced and where the product is made.

Since then, 21st Century Spirits mission has been to create  a family of spirits that are carefully selected to represent the  best offering available in its category. Bolstering a consistent  stream of innovative products such as Blue Ice Organic  Wheat vodka, 21st Century Spirits is sure to continue as one  of America’s premier spirits providers for centuries to come.

Also talking to Kevin Egan from Make-A-Wish about a cool event on Saturday July 30th from 6-9p.m. at Grace Hill Winery.

Good Life Guy’s Wine of the Week:
2009 Napa Cellars Napa Valley Chardonnay

The fruit for our 2009 Napa Cellars Chardonnay was sourced from select vineyards in prime Chardonnay locations including South Napa, Oakville and Atlas Peak. The cool weather influences in the southern part of the valley enabled an extended growing season resulting in wonderful bright fruit flavors and crisp acidity while the milder climate of Oakville allowed the fruit to develop rich, ripe, classic Chardonnay characteristics.  Tantalizing aromas of vanilla, white peach and shortbread integrate seamlessly into luscious flavors of crème brulèe, pear cobbler and toasted marshmallow. This creamy Chardonnay is soft up-front while nuances of green apple and lemon custard linger on the balanced finish.

Pick up a bottle at Jacob Liquor Exchange on North Rock Road and join us…

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